We are a team of creatives who are eager to accomplish great things. Our passion extends beyond architecture and design, we get inspiration from art, travels, urban landscapes and Berlin itself. We are a strong group consisting of talented individuals with various backgrounds and experiences. We offer our customers and business partners professional service on the top international level. Combined, we speak 7 languages. Environmentally conscious, we support the sustainable lifestyle movement without denying ourselves every little bit of indulgence. Moderation is key. This awareness is what makes our DECOteam unique.


General Manager


Szymon has been working for DECOculture since 2017. He has many years of experience gained in the fashion industry and thanks to that he can appreciate unselfish beauty.

He places a high priority on details and perfectly knows the latest architectural trends. He truly believes that product which will satisfy even the most demanding customer should have a proper relation between price, quality, functions. He knows the ever-growing offer of DECOculture and shares his knowledge with the business environment with full commitment.

As the General Manager, he cares about the showroom arrangement and visual creation. He is responsible for B2B relations, the Windsor&Co and Zaluti brand presentation and co-creates the brand’s strategy.



Sale Assistant


Bartosz gained her experience working in the automotive industry where she learned to appreciate the exceptional quality of products created to meet the diverse needs and the amazing design which can be very practical and timeless.

Working at DECOculture allows her to combine a passion for marketing and architecture. She discovers the latest trends and shares it in a communication addressed to clients and business partners. She is focused on the transparency of the message and building a mutual, long-term relationship. She looks for inspiration in the environment and she has eyes wide open to new business opportunities.

As a Marketing Project Manager, she is responsible for creating a promotion and communication strategy. She also coordinates marketing projects and cooperates with external entities.



Architect - Interior designer


Agnieszka has many years of experience in the field of interior design and home staging. Her huge portfolio allows for implementing effectively even the most unobvious arrangements.

She believes that function and form are inseparable elements of every project. She is open to customer needs and always tries to make their vision real. She is constantly looking for new aesthetic and spatial inspiration.
Her favorite part of the work is the lighting arrangement, which builds the interior and creates its various views. Besides, Agnieszka enjoys painting and her works often become a part of the interiors.

At DECOculture she creates interior projects and supervising the implementation. She is also responsible for showroom image creation and selection of products for the offer.



Architekt - 3d designer


Magdalena graduated from Architecture and Urban Planning at the PoznaƄ University of Technology. She has many years of experience in the field of architecture, design, animation and 3D graphics. She perfectly knows the principles of design. She is creative and pays attention to the details, which allow her to create concepts that meet the customers’ expectations.

She claims that the most pleasant part of her job is a conceptual design. Her greatest passion is graphics, which gives her the possibility of unlimited expression. Magdalena attaches great importance to personal development, constantly looking for new means of expression and challenges. Privately, she is a herbivorous yogin, cyclist, lover of beauty and nature, which often reflects her full of green realizations.

She is an Architect – 3d designer, dealing with the creation of 3D models, animations and projects.