Who we are

DECOculture is consistent in satisfying our clients’ and partners’ expectations by keeping up to date with the fast-developing industry combined with a persistent appreciation for vintage designs and traditional techniques. All thanks to the experienced and skillful team of people who create DECOculture. People, who make sure our offer consists solely of items that exceed short-lived trends, are made with high-quality and tell a story. Because we are storytellers, just of a different kind. We believe interiors are not only meant to look good, but first and foremost they have to make you feel good.

What we do

DECOculture is a multibrand that brings together selected furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles. In addition to the permanent collections of world-renown furniture producers, the offer is supplemented with unique pieces of independent brands, scouted by our team in small design studios, workshops and factories around the world.


Despite the huge variety, our products are a part of the coherent concept of the DECOculture assortment. Our showroom is a space where your dreams to come true. No matter if you are an individual client or a professional architect, at DECOculture Berlin we can join our creative forces to help you finalize your project. In the heart of Berlin, we offer you a place, where you can find the perfect interior design elements that will complement your vision, whether you are in search for a new piece of furniture for your home or if you are working on a bigger project as an architect.


In DECOculture, we focus on quality, craftsmanship and design. That’s why we offer our clients a wide range of furniture from luxury designer brands, small design studios, independent designers and even offer to create the piece of our customer’s dreams. We also complement our regular offer with unique vintage items we find around the world.

accessories and fabrics

Our product range also includes decoration items, carpets and accessories. We also provide an extensive variety of textiles our clients can choose for your customized furnishings or to simply renew a beloved piece of inherited furniture.


Lamps are not only functional elements which make interiors brighter. They have a great potential of beautifying homes, offices, restaurants, etc. By choosing a distinct style we will help enrich our clients space and make it more pleasant optically. From Art Deco to modern, from designer to vintage we accumulate exceptional lighting articles of all kinds.


We want to provide our customers with the best service ever. That means – even if we do not have what you are looking for in our showroom, we will do our best to find it for you. On top of that one of our additional services includes upholstery, to bring old furniture pieces back to life. This, along with our appreciation for vintage furniture allows us to establish a sustainable approach to interior design.


Searching for interior pieces together with a private or commercial client is one of the service we offer at DECOculture. Based on various reference materials like photographs, pieces of fabric, vintage designs, drawings or even vague memories or descriptions we can help our clients find the perfect piece they are looking for.


Whether our clients look for a classic bathtub made by a company with 150 years of experience or prefer a minimalist bathroom with pure forms, at DECOculture we do not limit ourselves to a particular style, what we value is the craft and materials used to create each bathroom piece.

selected vintage

In addition to renown furniture and home decor brands, in DECOculture our clients will find selected vintage and art deco articles. We appreciate forms, shapes, and patterns from the past. We love to bring things back to life and consequently, to display them in modern interiors. For us, the process of upcycling and reusing is a natural part of a sustainable lifestyle. Whether it’s a piece we find on a flea market or a mid-century chair that needs to be refurbished, we will certainly take good care of it.


At DECOculture we don’t like to treat art as an afterthought that comes to mind when the interior is already fully furnished. It needs to be implemented in the process of creating a well-rounded space. Art is often treated as an addition and therefore is marginalized, or even neglected. We want to introduce our clients to the curated art collection we exhibit in our showroom. We are also open for art collaborations and art-related events. For us, vernissage is a form of showing appreciation to the artist and their work, simultaneously we see it as a wonderful opportunity of acquainting our clients and partners with independent creators.


Our clients can join art exhibitions where we present our artists and invite our customers and partners for a nice meet & greet. Art events are a wonderful way of getting to know more artists and their work, as well as finding a new piece for your interior.

art dealing

We not only exhibit art, but we also connect buyers with artists to help them purchase the particular artwork they are looking for.


In case our art-loving customers need a piece of advice on what artwork would fit in their interior, our team can assist them in the search for the right art piece. We are here to help our customers to surround themselves with art.

interior perfumes

House of Scent is an aroma atelier creating perfumes for interiors. We specialize in composing unique fragrances that meet the individual needs of our clients and help to create an exclusive environment along with a refined brand image. Now commercial spaces and private interiors can be filled with perfumes by House of Scent.

fragrance sticks

Fragrance sticks are the best way of introducing scents to smaller interiors. It is the most natural and most subtle method of making your home or boutique be more inviting and memorable at the same time.


Scented candles are a classic choice made by those who enjoy a subtle scent lingering in their interior and a pleasant aesthetic factor of a sophisticated glim. There is something about candles that make them effortless decorative elements that can bring elegance to any kind of interior.


In order to thrive, our senses need to be stimulated. Do you wish to make your commercial space to be more unique? Would you like your customers to remember your event? A professional perfume diffuser designed according to modern standards is the right choice for you!


Events, film and fashion production, photo shoots, advertisement – all these pose great opportunities to rent our showroom or selected items from our offer. If you wish to create a temporary space for your project with our help, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

rental services

Events, film and fashion production, photo shoots, advertisement – all these pose great opportunities to rent our showroom or selected items from our offer. If you wish to create a temporary space for your project with our help, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


Our showroom is a versatile space open to photo shoots of all sorts. Three bright rooms with a total area of 150 square meters that can be arranged according to your art production can be booked by an hourly or a daily fee.

furniture and decoration

All articles from our offer can also be rented for commercial use.


Fragrance diffusers and interior perfumes are available for rent for events, temporary exhibitions, and other commercial use.